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  • On examination days no students is allowed to enter the examination halls or classrooms before the General Assembly.
  • No leave other than medical leave is normally sanctioned during the examination period provided a medical certificate from such medical authority as will satisfy the Principal is submitted on the day the student is absent. However no medical certificate will be accepted after the last day of examination.
  • In any case a medical certificate is not a guarantee for granting promotion. If a student falls sick for a part or the whole examination he should have required pass marks for promotion.
  • Any other leave applied for during the examination will be at the risk of parents and no consideration will be made for the loss of the marks at the time of promotion.
  • Examination shall not be anticipated or postponed for any individual for any reason. The schedule will be given to the students much in advance.
  • Candidates will be disqualified if they are detected in giving or obtaining unfair assistance at the examination or if they have in their possession while in the examination hall or classroom, any book, memorandum, calculator or pockets book, notes or paper except the question paper of the current exam. Unused answer sheets must be submitted to staff invigilators.

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