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General Rules

  • Students are urged to contribute to high tone of the school by their manners and general behavior.
  • Pupils should realize that they are responsible to the college Authorities not only for their conducts in the college but their general behavior outside. Any reported or observed objectionable conducts outside college on the parts of the pupils should make them liable for disciplinary action.
  • They should be polite, friendly and well behaved in and outside the school. They should be respectful to their elders and teachers and truthful at all times.
  • They should be orderly, clean in their person and neatly dressed and should also co-operate to maintain cleanliness in school.
  • As far as posture, cleanliness, silence, attention to work and respect to teachers and companions are concerned a class room should be looked upon as place of reverence and discipline.
  • They should maintain absolute silence during the General Assembly and while moving into the classroom from General Assembly. Silence should also be observed on the way to and while returning from P.T and Library.
  • The General Assembly is the most important part of the school day. Every student should be present so to begin the day with prayer, to listen to the announcement and the advice of the principal .
  • All must come to school, with lesson well prepared and home-work done .Text and Exercise books and material for drawing should be brought to school according to the day’s routine.
  • Students repeatedly coming late or forgetting to bring books or coming without the proper uniform may be punished/send back home.
  • When the students move along the corridors as when changing classes, going for games or experiments, they must walk in silence and in line. The teacher in the class should be the last to leave.
  • Respect to one’s property as well as to that of the school and the things belonging to others is a mark of well bred and responsible student. When furniture is removed from a place it should be returned to its original place after use. Any kind of damage done in the school premises must be made good. Fine may be imposed by the Principal.
  • Pupils should keep their own classrooms and the school compound spotlessly clean, using the bins provided for waste paper and rubbish.
  • Student should always strive to speak in English in the school premises, and acquire the ability of conversation.
  • Student should at all costs, avoid writing, carving and scratching on the wall and furniture. Such habits are an indication of low tastes.
  • No magazine, newspaper or periodicals should be brought to school without the class teacher’s/principal’s permission. If detected or found to have bad influence on other there will be confiscated.
  • No Cell Phone/Mobile phones should be brought to school. If detected they will be confiscated and serious action will be taken.
  • In the absence of the teacher, the monitor/monitoress take charge of the class and is responsible for order and discipline in the class. He / She should fulfill the duty without partiality.
  • The school does not accept responsibility for the loss of books, money, stationery etc. Each student is responsible for his/her own things. It is not advisable to bring valuables to the school
  • No collections or fine for any purpose, whatever may be made without the prior sanction of the Principal, so also, presentation of gifts to staff members as such require approval from the principal.
  • No collective petition or complaint will be entertained but reasonable and individual ones will be sympathetically attended to
  • Parents are strictly forbidden to interview their children in class or the teachers without permission of the Principal.
  • Any Pupil who is persistently insubordinate or repeatedly and willfully mischievous or guilty of malpractices in connection with examinations or has committed an offence of serious indiscipline, misbehavior or who in the opinion of the Principal has , an unwholesome influence on the fellow pupils, may be suspended for a specified period or expelled permanently from the school. The Principal may punish a student in a manner suited to the offence by detention after school hours or other minor punishment or by removal from the institution.
  • A student may also be removed permanently from the school for assaulting a teacher, seriously attacking a fellow student, persistent rude behavior towards teachers and in the opinion of the Principal has a demoralizing influence on fellow students.
  • The school authorities are not responsible for the safety of any pupil before or after school hours. Necessary arrangement therefore should be made to bring the children just in time and take them home immediately after school hours.
  • Students who are given some responsibility should carry out dutifully and impartially and in accordance with the direction of the Principal or the teachers deputed by him. They should to consider it a pride render service to the school and their fellow student.

School Fee

  • If the fees are not paid the last working day of the instalment, the name of the defaulter may be struck off from the school register. If for any vaild reason, re-entry is made on the rolls ,full admission fee alongs with the arrears will be charged. In case the parents are unable to pay the fees before the scheduled date, for serious reasons, it must be brought to knowledge of the Principal before the due date and seek extension.
  • No exemptions or deduction in fees will be made on account of broken periods, holidays or absence for any cause.
  • No Student shall be allowed to sit for the examination unless all dues have been cleared.
  • The fees of February and March sholud be paid before the examination commences.In case of non payment of May and June fess , it will be concluded that the student has left the school and the name of the student remains struck off from the register.
  • Student of class X and XII must pay the fess for all the months of the academic year before February.
  • No-Payment of fees will debar a pupil from receiving his/her report card or any other certificate.
  • Student withdrawn from the school during the year without notice of withdrawal to the college will be required to pay the fees for the whole term, not withstanding the facts that the child had not attended the college during that period or before obtaining a Transfer Certificate.
  • The fee must be paid according to the dates mentioned in the fee booklet.


  • A minimum attendance of 80% of the working days is required for promotion even if they pass in all subject.
  • Every student should be in time for General Assembly Repeated late comers may be detained after school hours or sent home or may be asked to be withdrawn from school.
  • No pupil should leave the school premises during the college hours without the written premission of the Principal.
  • No leave of absence for the whole day or part there of is granted except for serious reasons and on the previous written application of the parents/guardians.
  • Except for duly approved reasons extensions of vacation is not premitted. Late commers after a vacation who have not intimated in writting about delay, will have their names struck off the rolls after one calendar week and vacancies, if any will be filled from fresh application.
  • A pupil who is absent during the term for more than three days on medical ground is required to submit medical certificate together with the leave application.
  • All leave application bearing the signature of the parent/guardians and the class and section should be forwarded to the Principal on the day the student is absents. Failure to bring such an application for leave , make the student liable to be sent home.
  • Student who are absent are NOT PERMITTED to enter the campus before, during or after the school, the day they are absent for any reason what so ever

Games and Co-Curricular Activities

  • The school attaches great importance to games extra- curricular activities and competitions. Children selected for Dramatics, G.K. Test, Elocution, Art and Craft competitions, S.U.P.W. projects must be willing to participate in such activities.
  • Participation in games is compulsory. If matches are arranged, students should strive to win school colours and represent the school at such meets. Students should find time to attend the practice sessions.
  • The school will, organize programmes on Children’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Annual Day and on National Festivals.
  • Students of class VI upwards, are allotted Houses to have House-wise league competition will carry points for the honour of the Cock House Shield.
  • Students may be penalized and debarred from further participation in case they fail to be present for an activity-lest there should be an emergency

Caution Money

Caution Money is charged as a precaution against damage to /loss of school property by the students and due to non- payment of school fees. It is refundable at the time of withdrawal of the child. A separate application for this purpose has to be submitted in the office a month in advance Amount not claimed within TWO MONTHS of the withdrawal of the child will be deemed to have been donated to the welfare of the school and no claim will be entertained after the period

Private Tuition

  • No member of the staff may undertake any private tuition without the explicit permission of the Principal.
  • No staff member of this Institution is permitted to visit the home of the children, to give tuition or to suggest a private tuition.
  • A parent/guardian desirous of arranging a private tutor shall apply in writting the Principal, who after ascertaining the merit nof the application, shall grant permission for such private tuition.
  • It is to be clearly understood by both, parents and tutors that private coaching is an exception. It is primarily to help the weaker child to gain confidence and the right habit of study. As soon as the child is able to manage to study on his/her own , private tuition should be discontinued.
  • Private tuition is private contact between the parent seeking tuition and the teacher and the school authorities as such will not remain responsible for any other obligation.
  • All Private tuitions should come to an end three days before each examination.No teacher shall , there after coach any student in any manner privately , except in the school campus with the explicit permission of the Principal.

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